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Remys Roundup


Our diligent distance runners set off on the 6 hour coach journey to Exeter this Friday.

The Men’s A race saw Alfie Manthorpe home first for Sheffield, 65th in the field in a time of 34:31.5 over 10.3km.

Next home was XC Captain Sam Somerville, coming 103rd in the pack which is incredibly decent for someone so “out of shape” as he put it. Billy Hobbs put in a good performance, running 37:10.7 and coming 143rd.

Sammy Galpin came home in 38:08.8, chased by Sam Appleton who ran 38:36.8, coming 178th and 193rd respectively.

Last but not least, Greg Jones crossed the line in 39:26.5, coming 215th.

The Men’s B Race was 8.2km and Thomas Nalson was the first Sheffield athlete back coming 142nd in 29:44.6. Joel Paisley came 173rd in 30:27.0.

Club Captain Ben Standage came 223rd in 31:18.7 followed by Will Cooper in 31:56.3, finishing in the top half of athletes where he aimed to be (251st).

Social Secretary Ed Wise finished in the top 300, coming 291st in 32:43.0.

Joe Brien, Sam Machin, Adam Kellet, Owen Huxley and Thomas Albers all finished in the top 500.

In the women’s race we had 6 athletes finishing in the top 100 overall over 6.2km.

Charlotte Ward came 28th 22:49.9 in a brilliant run. Ellen and Juliet Downs were ShefUniAC’s version of the Brownlee brothers this weekend coming 54th in 23:31.8 and 66th in 23:55.5 respectively. Slotted just in between the swift siblings was Sarah Potter, coming 59th in 23:44.5.

Jacky Penn and Stella Cross proved to be a good competitive pair at steel cup on Wednesday and continued the trend at BUCs XC. Jacky came 82nd in 24:14.3 with Stella just 10 places behind in 24:35.3.

Congratulations to Lauren Howe, Abigail Rose, Martha Ellett, Holly Phipps, Caitlin Eckley, Charlotte Wickens, Ciara Huxley, Nicole Hasoon and Grace Holdt who finished in this order for Sheffield, all once again within the top 500.

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